Friday, 28 August 2009

we're gonna frock this country.

Rosanna, 21, Student from Fife
She's fae Fife and she's wearing tartan, what more can you ask for at this time of year? Loving the wee deck shoes as well, and the white belt- staple accessory!

Taylor, 20, Student from London
Another tartan and deck shoe combination. Half deck shoe...half stookie. This lad broke his foot playing football, bless 'im, but isn't letting that get in the way of an excellent outfit.

Bagpipe Bonus!
This chap had some great dance moves going on as well as a good kilt and suede bagpipes! Now thats Scottish style for you...

Friday, 21 August 2009

you came to see a frockshow.

Danielle, 15, Student from Edinburgh
After spotting this lassie on George IV Bridge while we were eating our Greggs pasties, but missing out on the chance to snap her, we were delighted to spot her again while eating our chippies in the meadows- fate! ps. Chippy box visible. God bless Central.

Rebecca, 22, Student from London and Cordelia, 22 Student from Manchester
Like Danielle, these two can truely Frock a blazer. As Fringe performers, you can catch them in their show, Stuck in a Rut at the Underbelly until the 30th August.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

there's gonna be some frockin'.

Dominique, 24, Vintage Store Manager from Edinburgh
Check oot Domi frockin' the denim onesie, making Topshop her own with leopard print tights and vintage buckled shoes. We love it almost as much as her FROCK&ROLL ink.
Josh, 18, Student from Stirling
Davie-Cheekychops pulling off the double denim look with style. We love a bit of ankle.

These two stylesmiths mark the launch of Edinburgh's FROCK&ROLL with a twist on everyone's favourite wardrobe staple.